How to add a Spreadsheet or Excel Document into a WordPress Post or Page

Creating an Excel sheet and uploading a WordPress site can be a very frustrating task.

Creating an Excel Spreadsheet and uploading it into a WordPress site while still retaining working formulas and making it user editable is a mind numbingly painful task.

Simply converting it to html and embedding it into your wordpress post or page will allow you to have a visual appearance of your spreadsheet, assuming that your site stylesheets or layout dont pervert it or destroy it in some way but it wont be user editable and the formulas will not stay intact.

So how can this be done?

Its actually, not very hard. One just has to look for non-traditional answers and utilize a very well known third party resource in a not so well known way.

One can simply upload their XLS or other commonly used spreadsheet file into Google Docs, once it has been converted it can be embedded with an iframe into a wordpress post such as this one.

You can see an example above.

This Youtube Video outlines the steps in more depth

But, some WordPress themes could possibly have internal conflicts with this method, if the above doesnt work on the first attempt, this service may help also:

The Best Method for inserting a user editable spreadsheet into WordPress.


You will notice that by using the Zoho tool the spreadsheet is fully editable.

The process is as follows:

Sign Up For Account at

Select a new spreadsheet and choose “Import”

Navigate to your file and select import

Then select Publish -> Make Public -> Embed to Web Page

You then navigate to your wordpress site, enter the HTML mode of your post editor and paste the embed code (iframe) into your post. Hit Publish.


Now when you navigate to that post or page, your spreadsheet is editable to your users simply  by selecting the edit button and entering new values.



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