Best Amazon Plugin for Amazon Associates

A Quick Search for Amazon Plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory will turn up 236 results.

Depending on the nature of your business, any one of the free plugins may serve your needs. Its a pretty common practice to take advantage of the largest affiliate program in the world and attempt to integrate those products into your sites.

With the right technical knowledge and a penchant for shortcode one can do just about anything they desire with a free plugin and basic wordpress install.

But when you step over the line from being a single site owner to an Internet Marketer with a broad portfolio of sites, ease of use and automation become very important aspects of your site administration.

Free Plug-Ins are great, free development is the basis of the WordPress community, but often the code junkies that develop such things dont have the marketing mind or a respect for the creation of massive numbers of niche sites.

Remembering the various shortcodes or manually searching for every product link in an external window gets old quick. Often you may use different free plugins across your site networks and some will conflict, lose functionality with wordpress updates or just turn out to be less functional then new ones that are created or you discover.

Somewhere in this site you will perhaps find a review or comparison of free plugins and the top premium plugins. Ive used dozens of the premium Amazon Plugins and rather than waste time comparing them, Ill just serve you up with the best one.

Heres a peek at my suggestions capabilities:

Example of an autocreated store page

Additional format option:

What I look for in an Amazon plugin and why this was my final choice:

A strong plugin for Affiliate Marketers using the Amazon plugin will include these options:

  • Automated Posting
  • Scheduled Posting (dripfeeding)
  • Format Options
  • Non- Theme Specific WordPress Integration

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