iHostpress Solutions specializes in solving problems, both everyday and arcane. Its that simple.

With over a decade of experience spanning from Political Campaigns to Brand Development, the masterminds behind iHostpress have an uncanny often eerily broad skill and experience set. As a result we can be selective in our clientele and secure in our understanding of your needs.

if you have an interesting or unique plan for how you want to campaign or design your services and brand, we would love to work with you. Our dedicated services are never overextended and we offer a personal level of communication and accessibility that is unrivaled in the industry. Offer us an exciting project that you are passionate about and we will be excited to perform it for you.

This is a membership site. Most of the best information is locked at subscriber only level. Registration is currently free. Clients and Subscribers are not currently contacted using our mailing list or membership information, but they can opt into digest mailings.

Service Overview

Our service capabilities include Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, Advertising Campaigns and Printing.

We can design and implement campaigns in your local offline environment, design and integrate cutting edge social media solutions, interactive web presence and make the entire globe your promoters if necessary.

Our rates are not published for good reason as we are often able to seize promotions and opportunities when available that allow us to drastically undercut our own prices

Managed Hosting Solutions

iHostpress™ is available only to a specific and elite user group.

If you have been personally invited you may use the order link below to open your managed hosting account

Invitation Only Order Form

After successful order completion you will receive follow-up emails. If for any reason you do not receive your confirmation in a timely manner, contact admin@ihostpress.com

Partner Services

Due to our dedicated service commitment we use partner options for hosting, registration,printing and template services. We select our partners with great care and due diligence. Our familiarity with these services allows us to get better rates, be alerted of the latest specials and promotions and to provide an additional level of support in excess of the service own internal systems. All services we recommend are services we use ourselves.

WordPress: Guides, Tutorials, Themes and Plugins

iHostpress uses WordPress for our client sites, WordPress allows us to make sites that are not designer dependent. Our development policy requires that usability for our clients is a paramount concern. Although, we are quickly accessible for your technical and marketing needs, our implementation is created where you are not dependent on just one designer.

Because of our extensive use of WordPress in sites ranging from local Retail Shops to International Brand Campaigns we have an intimate knowledge of the exciting options afforded by many of these marvels and enjoy quick highlights of the ones we come across, use and own. Dont expect long reviews, sales pages or fluff. We write reflections of what we appreciate to find. Solutions to problems, that is all. You will have plenty of opportunity to read sales page and fake reviews elsewhere, many of our links lead to sales pages as they also contain checkout and order information.

Basic Service Rate Outline

Do you absolutely need to have a concept of our rates before contacting us for a free customized quote?

That is understandable.

For One Off Services you can use the following as a general measurement:

(Our packages of combined services and products are often highly discounted so it is best to request a quote if you have a campaign or long term project)

Basic Logo and Identity Branding: $50 USD

Includes a dedicated interview to assess your needs, A Dedicated Account Representative will be your contact at every step of the way. Your final artwork with all pre-press files and any sizes and formats that you require will be released upon payment.

This is a base price for single logo which is conceptualized during the pre-Design Interview, we will offer suggestions and variants to your design and you will be welcome to those art files as well.

Any additional logos, customization’s after final proof or web design work to incorporate your new logo are not included in that basic pricing.

Specialized Plugin or Theme Installation: $50 USD

Do you have a premium theme or plugin that has complicated features that are making your head spin? Do your required plugins create conflict with each other?

We will make your theme and plugin mesh with your vision and business needs and provide you or your staff with training so you are not dependent on a 3rd party to manage your site.


Form Creation : $25

Lead Captures, Aweber Integration, Mailchimp Integration, Custom Order Forms, Contact Forms etc.

Price is per form and is only a guideline, needs and technical constraints vary so much between clients . Use our own custom contact form below to get a personalized quote.


Consultation and Training: starting at $25/monthly

Need the piece of mind of having a dedicated Web Designer, WordPress Specialist or Marketer on call? Starting at $25/month , you will have nearly 24 hour availability across multiple communication platforms, call for details, might as well get used to it now, if it’s a service you are interested in paying for !

  • What do you require for your business?